#4 Where Do We Start?


The first move is important. We want to pull the right lever for it. 

Go where your peers go. Can you make use of spaces where you and your friends and associates already gather to connect and pursue shared interests? (Hint: for right now at least, text and mobile are key). Perhaps you’re interested in building a stand-alone platform? Think twice before you do. A custom platform is easier for opponents to hack and probably harder for your friends to use, than a common mainstream, commercial platform. But remember that existing platforms have their own cultures, which you’ll need to consider and fit into.

What It Can Look Like?


This 2015 campaign brings the experiences of black women to the center of the national conversation about race, police brutality, and anti-black violence. Activists from the African American Policy Forum and Columbia Law School, along with a Soros Justice fellow, chose to launch their campaign via Twitter, where influential people are already gathering who can help shape the conversation. #sayhername has also produced resource guides, webinars, and other activities designed to enable participants to take the message deeper into their communities.