Are you a changemaker? Do you want to be? Do you want to help someone else get there? 

Sixties activists insisted the personal is political. Changemakers in the digital age get that idea, and one-up it with another rallying cry: the political is social and cultural. Drawing on this knowledge, the 10 Questions for Young Changemakers framework is built around different strategies to engage peers, audiences, and allies in high-quality, equitable, and effective participation in digital-age civics, activism, and politics. The framework actively supports the secure development of student identities as participants in public spheres, so that civic and political engagement today doesn’t harm or haunt you later, but is productive and intentional. 

The 10 Questions for Young Changemakers is a project within the Democratic Knoweldge Project (DKP). Learn more about the DKP here: 


Introduction to the Questions

The 10 Questions for Young Changemakers are as follows:

  1. Why does it matter to me?

  2. How much should I share?

  3. How do I make it about more than myself? 

  4. Where do we start? 

  5. How can we make it easy and engaging for others to join in? 

  6. How do we get wisdom from crowds?

  7. How do we handle the downside of crowds? 

  8. Are you pursuing voice or influence or both? 

  9. How do we get from voice to changes? 

  10. How can we find allies?

The resources on this website represent a wealth of pedagogical and theoretical framing for these question. For background on these questions and this project, please begin here.