Bibliography Sorted by Each of the 10 Principles

The list that follows is sorted by each of the 10 principles.

Context Setting I: Youth, Media, and Participation With or Without Technology


Context Setting II: Egalitarian Participatory Politics, What We Value, and Beyond


Principle 1––Why Does it Matter to Me?


Principle 2––How Much Should I Share?


Principle 3––How Do I Make it About More Than Myself?


Principle 4––Where Do We Start?


Principle 5––How Can We Make It Easy and Engaging for Others to Join In?


Principles 6­­––How Do We Get Wisdom from Crowds? & Principle 7––How Do We Handle the Downside of Crowds?


Principle 8––Does Raising Our Voices Count As Civic and Political Action?


Principle 9––How Do We Get From Voice to Change? & Principle 10––How Can I Find Allies?


Pedagogy of Participatory Politics


Other Resources from the YPP Research Network

Further comprehensive research conducted by the other YPP Research Network teams can be found at

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