Visual Ques

Kathleen FitzGerald teaches civics, government, and senior projects at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School at Cambridge, MA. She developed assorted kinds of light-touch applications of the 10 Questions framework, which might be useful for introductory points. Originally aimed at high school students, these activities are transferable to middle school students, too.  

Concept Map. After watching Danielle Allen’s video about the 10 Questions (about 7 minutes) together with students, she made use of a concept map approach to help student better understand each question. See the two images listed below about Question #1 (“Why does it matter to me?”) and Question #2 (“How much should I share?”)

#Question 1 "Why Does it Matter to Me? 


#2 How Much Should I Share?

#2 How much should I share?

One of her students created a concept map about participatory politics.