Civic Learning in the 21st-Century Library

In 2018, the state of Massachusetts passed a bill requiring Grade 8 and high school students to complete nonpartisan student-led civics projects––an inquiry-based, real world–oriented, civic action project. School and public libraries can play a key role in successful implementation of this new legislation by providing high-quality civic learning opportunities and resources for students and educators inside and outside schools. In response, from 2018 to 2019 the DKP, in partnership with the MLS, conducted a pilot project to identify key partner libraries––both public and school libraries (see the map)––and work with them to develop programming exemplars, field cases, and program resources, for library-based civic learning. From the pilot stage, we learned that there is a growing need for strong professional development opportunities for library-based civic learning, not only for librarians in Massachusetts but also for those nationwide. 

Pilot Cohort Libraries of the Young Changemakers in 21st-century Libaries Project [2018-2019]

2018 Library Cohort


See how school libraries used the 10 Qs in their programs and activites below.



See the slides for more detail of each library. 

Springfield  City Library 

Waltham Public Library

Lawrence Public Library


Turner Public Library 


Plymouth Public Library 


Shrewsbury High School Library 


Carlisle Public School Library


Lawrence High School Library


Dartmouth Middle School Library 

Lawrence Middle School Library 



This project is funded by a Laura Bush 21st Century Library Program Award (“Young Changemakers in the 21st-Century Library.”)  Visit the MLS  Young Changemakers.