Teaching Guide

Our Audience: Civic Educators both Inside and Outside of School Settings

Teacher Guide


Our teaching guide is targeted toward educators involved in civic education both inside and outside of school settings, providing them examples of how they might utilize the Ten Questions for Change Makers framework in their educational environments.

The Ten Questions framework is primarily oriented around thinking about the present and the future. But it can also be used as a lens for reading the past. The Ten Questions encapsulate, we believe, timeless ideals of participation: self-reflection on authentic motivations, pivoting from individual to collective action, expanding the scope of collaboration, coordinating divergent self-interests, guarding ourselves from pushbacks, and getting from voice to influence. 

This remainder of this guide consists of three modules for applying the framework:  10 Questions for the Future, 10 Questions for the Present, and 10 Questions for the Past. Each section currently includes one teaching unit, but more will be added in due course (Click the image above to download a complete printable version).