Shrewsbury High School - Student Engagement Project

During the pilot project of Young Changemakers in 21st Century Libraries (October 2018- September 2019), the library cohort incorporated the 10 Questions Framework into various library programs and activities. 

TITLE OF THE PROGRAM  Service Learning English and Social Studies Units

GOALS OF THE PROGRAM Students are encouraged and given time in their classes to explore and take steps towards making positive change in our community.


  • This is a new unit explored in two classes this year, an 11th Grade American Studies class taught by an english teacher and a social studies teacher, and a 10th grade English class.
  • As the media specialist I met with the students as they began to explore issues of interest. I introduced the ten questions, general resources, and met with groups individually to discuss resources, action ideas, and possible community experts.
  • The 10th Grade English students met with experts related to their chosen issues. They got ideas for continued work and found ways to best support the community.
  • These 10th graders also volunteered at the Grafton Community Harvest Project, by planting seedlings that will later be harvested and dispersed to families through organizations such as the Worcester Food Pantry.
  • The American Studies 11th grade students will be presenting about the progress they have made to their parents and peers in June.
  • Other students in the school community have been invited to explore these topics through displays in the media center and schoology updates.


  • I discussed the concept about the 10 questions and gave them resources based on those questions when first meeting with the students.
  • The 10 Questions where used in displays in the media center with fiction books related to social justice themes.
  • Resources, book lists, and info about the questions were posted in our Schoology group for the media center during the month of March.
  • Another English class has chosen independent reading books based on themes related to the 10 Questions.

DURATION OF PROGRAM  2018-2019 School Year

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS 6 classes of students for the bulk of this project - about 120 students. But the displays were available to all students at the school (1800).

INSTRUCTOR/FACILITATOR Emily Bredberg (Media Specialist), Kelly Lawlor (English Teacher), Matt Brown (Social Studies Teacher), Jenn Steinberg (English Teacher)

FUTURE DIRECITON  These teachers plan to continue their service projects next year in collaboration with me. 

Check out an article from Community Advocate about the 10th grade project.

Check out the slides Emily Bredberg and Chaebong Nam presented on October 2, 2020 during the 2020 Massachusetts Library System Teen Summit.  

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