#10 How Can We Find Allies?

How can we amplify our influence and scale it up?
It makes sense to call on institutional power holders like established organizations or influential individuals who can support your interests. Gaining influence requires building alliances with people who control decisions over policies and institutions. But it can be hard to reach people in power. What’s more, how can you engage with power players in a way that benefits your cause and also empowers you? The answer often involves connecting with allies who can provide mentorship and broker on your behalf, being creative in your methods, and seeking elites in a variety of places--sometimes beyond the usual suspects. 

What It Can Look Like?

Students For LibertyFounded and led by students, SFL is a network of pro-liberty organizations and individuals from diverse locations and backgrounds. It is not a top down, chapter based, or membership organization. However, SFL works with some of the most influential think tanks and policy-makers in D.C., offering young libertarians a range of opportunities to meet with political movers and shakers at both campus events and national conferences. Sometimes making it to events is hard, though, so SFL affiliates of all ages often rely on their own social networks like Twitter to gain face time with like-minded individuals and political elites alike. Regardless of whether it’s online or in person, when young people build allies and tap into the political establishment through their involvement with SFL, it often means working with groups and individuals on both sides of the aisle.

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"Cultivate Connections"

Interview and Illustration by Desmond Meagley


Q. How does the culture of SFL (non hierarchal, no membership) help you engage a diverse community? 

A. Making social change without a fired-up, diverse coalition of supporters is near-impossible task. But for young organizers, building strong connections in your community and reaching out to public figures with start power is daunting. Casey Given, the former communications manager for Students for Liberty and current director for SFL spin-off Young Voices, provides pointers for young activists who are looking to build their network and find like-minded allies both bing and small.