University-School Partnership

In partnership with Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS) at Cambridge, MA, the Ten Questions team will run a small scale professional development course for teachers to help them learn to make use of resources provided by Harvard’s Democratic Knowledge Project (the parental research lab in which the Ten Questions team is housed) in the fall of 2018. Alongside it, the Ten Questions team will offer consultancy to the Cambridge Public School District to establish the 8th grade civics curriculum and further related professional development opportunities. 

Kathleen FitzGerald, one of our Teacher Leaders at CRLS, will co-lead the six-week PD course with Chaebong Nam. This professional development opportunity will be open to a wide audience at both middle and high school levels, those teaching civics, government, journalism, media literacy, and art. School librarians are also welcome. The PD course will begin in early October and last through the following six weeks. It will adopt a blended format that allows teachers to meet in person and discuss online. The PD course will provide an important resource to further opportunities for other school districts in the greater Boston area and beyond. There will be more to come.